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1201 Lathrop Street
Fairbanks, Alaska 99701

Fax 907-451-8671

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Denali Bible Chapel Exists:

1. To Celebrate God’s Presence (Worship)
2. To Belong to God’s Family (Fellowship)
3. To Educate God’s People (Discipleship)
4. To Demonstrate God’s Love (Ministry)
5. To Communicate God’s Word (Evangelism)

We are a nondenominational body of believers in Jesus Christ with a strong emphasis on a team approach to ministry and lay involvement. Some of the ministry areas we are involved in include AWANA, small (growth) groups, youth and college/career. We also have a strong commitment in supporting local, state, national and world missions. We are located in Fairbanks, Alaska, also know as the "Golden Heart City" because of its location in the interior of Alaska and its history of gold mining.

We are an Elder led church. The elders are listed below. If you would like to talk to one of them, please feel free to give them a call at the church office - 456-5157. They welcome the opportunity to get to know you better!

Winston Burbank
Bill Climenson
Ivan Leibbrandt; Teaching Pastor
Chuck Lovejoy; Children's Pastor
Kent Severns

"For now we are all children of God through faith in Jesus Christ, and we who have been baptized into union with Christ are enveloped by Him. We are no longer Jews or Gentiles, or slaves or freemen, or even merely men or women, but we are all the same — we are Christians; we are one in Jesus Christ."

Galatians 3:26-28 (LB)

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