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The vision of Denali Bible Chapel youth ministry is to further the kingdom of God in our community and the world by winning youth to Christ, building youth in Christ and, in turn, equipping youth to do the same.


Evangelism (by leaders)

  • Winning youth to Christ through the proclamation of the gospel.
  • Equipping and discipling those youth who are prepared to live a life in pursuit of God reflected in a consistent witness before God, themselves, the Church, the lost, and the world.


  • Teaching: To see young people grounded and built in their relationship with Christ through comprehensive, biblically based, creative, and relevant teaching.
  • Biblical group image: To see groups growing in a healthy, positive identity that reflects their relationship with God.
  • Discipleship: To see young people equipped and discipled to live a life in pursuit of God reflected in all their relationships.
  • Creating an atmosphere of love: To see young people welcomed into an open, accepting, and loving atmosphere where they are consistently reminded of their importance to us and God through creative contacting strategies.
  • Create opportunities to discover and use their spiritual gifts in the context of the body and appreciate those gifts in others.


  • To see young people participate in, and experience, worship in spirit and truth.
  • To see young people and others actively praying for their needs and the needs of their peers, the community, and God's church.

Evangelism (by youth)

  • To see young people actively involved in proclaiming the gospel through lifestyle evangelism and outreach in the community and through the church.
  • Youth leadership development: To see youth leaders recruited, trained, and developed to effectively impact the lives of other young people.
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